These beachfront destinations are calling you!

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November 2023


A boutique hotel in the jungle by the beach.


February 12-19 2023


Glamping in the desert by the ocean.

A Relaxation Vacation
to Enlighten Mind & Body

Lighten Up! physically, mentally & emotionally

With fresh juices, mindful eating, walking barefoot on the beach, creativity classes, restorative yoga, hiking & swimming.

With a gratitude practice, guided meditations, silent time,  mantras, journaling, self-love, healing circle, movement with music and sound bath.

Tune in to the rhythms of nature. The ocean waves will lull you into a deep healing, restful sleep. Nature is our most powerful medicine. Become light-hearted.

Mindfulness Activities

Engage your senses and enjoy a deep level of peace.​


Flex Your Meditational Muscles

Begin your day practicing a classic Mindful Breath meditation, expertly guided by Kathryn. You are in good hands with a voice listened to daily by the 20 million meditators on the Insight Timer App. Experience deep relaxation with body scans, visualizations, mantras, loving-kindness to name a few buddhist and original meditations to center you in peace.

Art is a Self Awareness Practice

Art reveals what is on the inside. Priscila is offering her insight and vast experience to allow your soul to to express your hidden desires in a language of its own. Her creativity classes can convey parts of your personality not shown through other mediums. Art expression has been proven to reconnect thinking and feeling. It is spontaneous, unconscious, self-soothing, satisfying, exploratory, memory-enhancing and mindful. It is also a ton of fun!

Self Reflection

Relaxation is your natural state. We provide everything you need to go deeper than ever before with outdoor beach massages, essential napping, and you receive the gift of silence.  Time is a precious commodity to savor for yourself. Enjoy the peaceful, sacred space provided to reflect, journal and discover who you truly are when not taking care of others. When was the last time you gave yourself quality time just for you?

Self Love Yoga

Enjoy slow, mindful yoga for all levels. We apply mindfulness to yoga asanas so you can experience the wonders of your own amazing body without comparing, criticizing or your own harsh judgement. A relaxing way to stretch out to the sound of the waves in a tropical paradise with your own best friend-Yourself!

Magical Fun

Make connections through live music, dinners out to local restaurants,
creativity class, and laughter. Open your heart to the element of surprise when you raise your vibration in the vortex of tropical energy.

Cultural Excursions

Experience local customs, people and the flavor of overseas travel again with a half day trip to one of the many wonders that a rainforest and balmy ocean can offer. Fishing, kayaking, Mud Baths and waterfalls could be on the agenda.

“I learned how to calm my mind with breath control, yoga and tai chi on the beach to relax the body, mindfulness practices to tune into the present moment and beautiful meditations to promote inner peace.”

Dawn Monopoli


Our heartfelt


Invest in your Health



See yourself tan, relaxed, lighter in every way, with wellness tools to last you a lifetime. You are worth it!

Bring home healthy habits.

Enjoy the way you approach your life with a new lightness and loving awareness.

Your Trained Facilitators

Kathryn Remati

You may have met her on the Insight Timer meditation app or at the Sedona Yoga Festival or attended a Kaiser Permanente class for stress, sleep, weight or wellness. Kathryn is a Health Educator, certified meditation instructor and creator of the Tranquil Me meditation app. Ms. Remati’s voice is a gift that leads even the most anxious to inner peace. She will help you find the perfect type of meditation for you and your lifestyle.

Priscila Soares

Graduated in Art Education and Motion Picture, Priscila is an artist of many mediums. Her mission is to help people get in touch with their own essence through art. Her creative work involves sculptures, paintings, jewelry making, photography, video, design, meditation practices, breath work, music, movement and more. Priscila has a studio in a collective at the Mare Island Art Studios in Vallejo and has been featured in many blog articles, magazines and even on NBC News. You will find that her creativity classes will help you learn more about your Self and you will gain new tools to achieve what you want to manifest in your life.

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